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“We have noticed that the Government has been trying their best to take back the downtrodden and needy people of rural areas to the mainstream of the society by using different schemes. But the poor illiterate rural people do not know when and where they have to go to fulfill their wishes. So those schemes have not been bringing any ray of hope and it has been breaking down in the middle of the way for their ignorance. It has created a bar for common human lives. In this critical moment, we have noticed everywhere that child marriage, child Labourer, avoiding girl child, oppression to wives for dowry have been increasing day by day. We are panic-stricken, thinking about the future generation. We should not stand still. We should stand by women and society. We should show the way to the women how to come back to the mainstream of society. We should choose proper women from the minority community to teach them how to know about Govt. scheme and how to reach them so that they can work as a bridge of communication with others. Thus we want to connect Muslim and schedule Tribe women from our block to this scheme. We should stop witch-craft, killing of people slandering as dyne, killing of daughter fetus, saving money in different cheat-fund. Instead, we should teach them sewing, poultry and cattle farming, storing of fruit and vegetables, making pills from pulses, etc. to develop their financial condition. We are taking a vow to make every minority women as ideal women.


Creation of equal, equitable, self-reliant, progressive and non-violent society.

  • To give the same right to all the people to the same dignity.
  • Pollution free environment.
  • To give way to get rid of the greedy, advantage loving people.
  • To build a healthy and literate society.
  • To prevent smuggling of women.
  • To save the prestige of women.
  • To make them strong enough both physically and mentally and so on.

We noticed everywhere that child marriage, child laborer, avoiding girl child, oppression to the wives for dowry has been increasing day by day. We are panic-stricken thinking for the future generation. Therefore we decided not to stand still. We should stand beside all the women, children & society. We should show the way to the women how to earn money from home. We should help them to get rid of diseases & weak mentalities.

For this purpose, we needed unity & a union. We built that society to help the women to do the job like tailoring, making puffed rice, poultry farming, making the pills from pulses, etc to develop their financial condition. For the development of the downtrodden, we have to organize health, law & educational camp. Thus we can remove their diseases & weakness & ignorance. If we are able to remove these, the deep-rooted problems like child marriage, the killing of daughter fetus, child laborer will surely be stopped. Besides we should save nature by stopping environment pollution for which cycle of the season has been lost. As a result, farming has been disrupted. We need a huge number of tree plantation to make our nature pollution free. We will go forward to fulfill our goal. We are taking the oath to do so.


NMKS believes of People’s power so it works as a facilitator of people’s power through empowerment and promoter of the alternative mechanism at grass root through PRIs and People’s organizations.

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