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We, the present members of the society used to take part in many helpful activities.We sacrificed ourselves to do so. Our helpful activities gradually increased day by day.Though we engaged for eight years in social work, we got the registration in 2016.Our enthusiasm increased as well as the list of our works. Our society helped 700 women to do home-based jobs which help them to   earn money from home-based jobs which help them to earn money from home. They can do the job after finishing their household duties. Our society organized more than 100 meetings in  different places. Thousands of people received Law related services without spending a single penny. Our society distributed more than 2000 rags and clothes to 252 downtrodden families. We were able to build a concrete roofed burning ghat in our locality with the financial help of our local people. We built hundreds of toilets in the houses of the local people with the help of the Government. Thus we were able to save their respect. We were able to connect hundreds of children in different competitive cultural functions with the permission of Government we built Latrine gas digester in different Govt. organizations & institutions. Thus we helped to curb pollution & to save fuel costs. In return of which, those organizations & institutions gave away honorable certificates to us. We have already planted 4000 fruit trees to make a nutrition garden which has now been supplying the nutrition to the women, children & old people. In the future, we are going forward to do more social works besides the above-mentioned jobs.

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